Aurora Business nbnTM Satellite Service

nbnTM Business Satellite Service brings business grade levels of connectivity to Australia using the next generation high throughput satellite, Sky Muster II.

nbnTM Business Satellite Service delivers impressive connection speeds cost effectively over Australia with ka-band spot beams providing speeds up to 50 Mbps and 100% Australian coverage.

Choosing Aurora as your nbnTM satellite partner means you’re choosing a small team of highly experienced satellite and network engineers who will work tirelessly to enable your business applications to run smoothly over satellite. We understand that you don’t want a satellite service, you want to deliver and receive information to and from remote locations where your teams are located.


Combining nbnTM Business Satellite Service with Aurora’s other satellite coverage options gives Australia wide coverage and allows for 99.9 + % availability delivering your essential services to your team on the ground, where they need it.

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Tailor Made Solutions

Whether you need direct internet access or a private connection to your head office, Aurora can customise a solution that meets your needs. Options for traffic shaping, burst or dedicated bandwidth options to match your budgetary requirements.


We provide business grade support for a business grade connection. We’re ready to help, if needed.


Modern applications need network access and an ever-increasing amount of bandwidth, whether it is using internal software, video conferencing or simply streaming content during some downtime, we can provide it.

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Please contact us by phone or email so we can learn more about your project and requirements, and to discuss how our small team of the right people can bring a different perspective to your operations!

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